Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You In Love Or Lust?

Love and lust are intertwined emotions. Many love relationships are capable of engaging in sex before they forge emotional bonds. Those craving hormones can be easily interpreted as a feeling of love. Its hard to judge whether your partner is truly in love with you or it is just a phase of crazy hardcore lust clothed in the attire of love. Read to judge the unseen difference, with these relationship advice.

It's Lust If....

You crave to cuddle her beneath the twinkling open sky sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions.

  • You are totally fantasized in your lover's looks and body. Even before you know anything about him/her... you get on your heels and proclaim you are in love.

  • You imagine him/her as a symbol of sex, whenever you meet.

  • You don't care, if you and your partner have anything in common. You deny to be a part of the person's failure and cry.

  • You spend time with him/her only to have sex, and make excuses for going out for a movie or a trip with a group of friends.

  • You proclaim to the world of having a love relationship and still bounce on other boys/girls for some minimal joy of pleasure.

  • Your crave for sex has been fed by your partner and you find easy ways to just move out from the place. In that case your sexual relationship lacks foreplay, cuddling or few warm kisses.

    It's Love If...

  • Sexuality is just one of the bonds.

  • You find him/her as the most beautiful person in the world, even when he/she is in the most simple attire.

  • You want to know his/her erogenous zones, likes and dislikes etc.

  • You crave to cuddle him/her beneath the twinkling open sky sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions.

  • All you want to do is to be with him/her, whether you're having sex or not.

  • You empty your bank accounts just to see him/her smile.

  • You plan your future together. Make him/her as a part of your joy and sorrow.

  • You wish to tell him/her all your doings in his/her absence. Even if your taking your dog for a evening stroll.

  • You feel like getting him/her roses or sweet message cards whenever you find one.

  • You wish to introduce him/her to your colleagues, friends and even family members.

  • You daydream about your partner, marriage, babies and a house that works.

  • You define lust as a short-term fun and love as the long haul.


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